3 Advantages of Impact-Resistant Shingles

Impact-resistant shingles are a popular way to get creative with your roofing. The design gives your property roofing a modern look. Plus, the various types available in the market enable you to choose from colors to the texture according to what is best for your home.

Urban Exteriors, LLC is a professional roofing company. We understand the challenge of deciding on many roofing options. We can help you identify the best type to offer quality installation, repair, or replacement services. Here are the three benefits you should know about impact-resistant shingles.

Weather Resistance and Durability

Impact-resistant shingles are ideal for damage management from hailstorms or extreme weather against the roof. The material design resists breakage from hails, and its flexibility enables wind resistance. In addition, given the materials are more rigid than other types of roofing, you can be sure they do not deteriorate quickly.

At Urban Exteriors, LLC, we provide solutions to new homeowners looking for impact-resistant shingles installation services. Our longstanding expertise gets invested in your roofing idea, including a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for guaranteed longevity.


Impact-resistant shingles materials are recyclable, a future advocated by the green building movement to improve the environment. The roofing enables your contribution to the action, and you’re sure to find a purpose for the old materials, either in creating pavements or other products.

If you’re interested in shingles repairs, reach us at Urban Exteriors, LLC. We specialize in impact-resistant shingles repairs and replacement projects, including shingles built-up roofs for a flat roof. We have a list of satisfied clients.


Impact-resistant shingles are quality material and have an aesthetically pleasing design. That holds a competitive power in your property resale value. If that is something in your ultimate plan for your property or home business, this roofing gives you the edge to beat the competition in the real estate market.

At Urban Exteriors, LLC, we supply affordable, impact-resistant shingles with at least a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. Essentially, value for your money is what you get from working with experts like us.

Impact-Resistant Shingles Contractor in Denver, CO, and Surrounding Areas

Impact-resistant shingles are best for residential roofing. Hire a competent roofing contractor for the job. Urban Exteriors, LLC has served the local market, and our reputation is good. Call us today!

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