3 Benefits of Impact-Resistant Shingles

3 Advantages of Impact-Resistant ShinglesImpact-resistant shingles are a popular way to get creative with your roofing. The design gives your property roofing a modern look. Plus, the various types available in the market enable you to choose from colors to the texture according to what is best for your home.Urban Exteriors, LLC is a professional [...]

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Annual Roof Maintenance

Your roof may not be a component of your home that you pay much attention to all year, but it does require care to stay in good condition. Due to the expense, annual roof maintenance may not be a top priority, but it might save you more money in the long run. If you own [...]

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Why a Roof Needs Great Shingles

A roof protects your house from outside weather elements such as the sun, rain, ice, and snow. Shingles are a good investment for the homeowner during a storm damage repair. A simple way to understand the importance of shingles is by imagining your roof as a shield protecting your home. A good quality shingle provides [...]

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The Five Types of Metal Roofs for Your Home

When you hear the term 'metal roof' you may think it refers to one type of roof, but it actually refers to several types of roofing material. There are many advantages to a metal roof, including longevity, return on your investment, fire- and mold-resistant, just to name a few. Metal roofs are attractive and low [...]

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Get Ready for the Brand New Urban Exteriors Site!

Urban Exteriors, LLC is proud to inform customers about the launch of a new website, which is available at urbanexteriorsllc.com. Check out its functionality and convenience today! Our new website has been totally revamped with improvements to our content and navigation. We tried to make it as convenient and informative as possible for you to quickly find all the information you need. The website is responsive and adapts to all possible screen resolutions. That’s not all! We will be constantly updating our content with the latest [...]

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