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Wind and hail storm damage repair

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Hail and Storm Damage Restoration Process

Start with a roof inspection.

It's critical to inspect damaged roofs as soon as possible to assess the damage and to plan the repair process. The can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but Urban Exteriors makes this a stress-free and efficient process.

We coordinate insurance claims with your agency.

Urban Exteriors helps you fill out your insurance claim and submits it on your behalf. We will negotiate with the insurer using the detailed damage report to challenge any undervaluation your insurance adjuster may propose.

Roofing repair or replacement.

Urban Exteriors offers professional roof repair or replacement services to fix any damage caused by storms. A professional assessment will be provided to determine whether a repair or full replacement is most beneficial, ensuring you receive the most cost-effective and durable solution to protect your home.

A storm has just damaged your home. Now what?

Horrifying as it sounds, a violent storm has ravaged your home. While the immediate shock and distress can leave you feeling bewildered, you also know it's essential to act fast.

Here's what to do next:

First, make sure everyone is safe. Check on your family members and pets, and keep them away from the damaged areas to prevent accidents.

Once safe, connect with Urban Exteriors as soon as possible. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough roof inspection to assess the extent of the damage. Do not delay this step. The aftermath of a storm often sees a surge in homeowners seeking professional help.

Once we have assessed the damage to your home, we'll help you decide if an insurance claim is necessary and, if so, help you file that claim. We have an extensive background in managing storm damage insurance claims. Our expertise in insurance requirements, documenting, and mediating insurance claims with adjusters ensures you get the best coverage possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of compensation from your claim you receive will depend on the insurance policy you chose with your insurance agent.

Restore your roof, protect your home.

We offer quick-response roof repairs for storm and hail-damaged roofs and will seamlessly coordinate your home insurance claim.

Common Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Hail damage repair

Residential Roofing

Roofs consistently top the list of storm damage insurance claims, underscoring their vulnerability and their critical role in safeguarding homes.


Exterior Siding

Storm damage to exterior siding may take the form of dents, cracks, or warping, necessitating replacement to maintain a home's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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Decks and Fencing

Storms can damage fences and decks, causing deterioration, warping, or breakage. Again, timely repairs ensure both safety and aesthetic integrity.

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