Free, no obligation inspections & damage assessment

How can you tell if there is storm damage to your roof? If there has been a hail or wind storm in your area, a simple inspection of the roof will determine if the shingles have been compromised. Property owners sometimes fail to file insurance claims because they do not recognize the signs of damage. This is often the case when wind or hail damages a roof. Over time, the damage continues to deteriorate your roof system causing increased problems in the future. In some cases, these problems may not be apparent until the roof has gone through a series of freezing and thawing of water, amplifying the damage and creating leaks where they didn’t previously exist.

What happens if I have damage?

We will meet with your insurance adjuster on your behalf. When you file a claim, your insurance company assigns an adjuster to assess the damage and determine the cost of the repairs. Our certified inspectors will meet with your adjuster and review the damage. Our certified inspectors are familiar with the building code requirements in your area, and we make sure the insurance company does not neglect to pay for a code-required item.

After meeting with your insurance adjuster, your project manager will review and explain the scope of work outlined by the adjuster. We will then schedule a time to select products and colors to be used on your home. The project manager will then schedule your project for production, and deal with the insurance company on billing issues to minimize any stress for you.