When you hear the term ‘metal roof’ you may think it refers to one type of roof, but it actually refers to several types of roofing material. There are many advantages to a metal roof, including longevity, return on your investment, fire- and mold-resistant, just to name a few. Metal roofs are attractive and low maintenance. More expensive? Yes, they are more expensive than a shingle roof, but they will last much longer. Typically, a shingle roof lasts 20-22 years, while a metal roof will last from 40-70 years and some metals even longer. 

Metal roofs are more energy efficient because they reflect the heat of summer. They can reduce your energy bill by up to 25%, which is another savings.

A Metal Roof

A metal roof is an umbrella term for many kinds of metals, but generally, it means a steel roof. A steel roof is one of the most cost-effective type of roof, in the arena of metal roofs. It requires little upkeep, mainly keeping the gutters cleared of debris and not letting leaves and branches collect on the corners. Look over it after severe weather, just to be sure. That’s about it, and where a roof is concerned, that is considered very minimal upkeep. It is heavy and therefore doesn’t dent easily. But that extra weight also means it’s not an easy install, like aluminum. 

A steel roof is strong, and it resists cracking. It handles high winds—even up to 140 mph—with ease.

An Aluminum Roof

Most aluminum roofs are found near the coast because they don’t rust. Aluminum is very lightweight, but strong. Because of it’s lighter weight, it’s easier to install than a steel roof. It comes in different styles to match the design of the house, and the preference of the homeowner. Aluminum has all the perks of all metal roof’s: durable, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and minimal maintenance. It does dent easier than a steel roof, being a softer metal, and color options are fewer, but otherwise, it’s a great choice for a new roof.

A Copper Roof

The beauty of a copper roof is unmatched. It’s beautiful when installed, and then time and moisture combine to slowly change the copper color to a lovely green patina that lasts for centuries. Many historic buildings still have their original copper domes or roof’s, and they are in good condition. The Statue of Liberty comes to mind, for one! It is expensive, more expensive than any of the other metal roofing options. Many metal roofs are referred to as a lifetime roof, and you could call a copper roof a many lifetimes roof.  Copper is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and easy to install. It is a luxurious roof that just belongs on certain houses due to their unique architecture. 

Because of the cost of copper, not all roofing companies keep it in inventory. It would need to be ordered ahead of time to keep a project on schedule. 

A Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal is not the S-wavy plastic-y type material that might come to mind. It is anything with grooves and ridges, and they don’t necessarily need to be S curves. They are most often squared-off and boxy. It is lightweight and cost-effective, (comparable to a shingle roof) but it has some drawbacks. It’s not for complicated roof designs, and it has more opportunity for leaks due to the exposed fasteners. Thousands of fasteners are required to attach the roof to the house, and while every installer does due diligence, it’s possible one or more of those fasteners may leak. This doesn’t mean the roof will be leaky,  it’s just something to be aware of. All those fasteners are exposed to the elements and may need maintenance, especially if some of them leak. 

A Slate-Inspired Metal Roof

Slate makes a very nice-looking roof. Very nice-looking! But it is extremely heavy and expensive. The next best thing is a slate-inspired metal roof, which features aluminum tiles or shingles that look like just like slate. Or copper. Because of their lighter weight, they are easier to install but don’t skimp on labor. Slate-inspired shingles look fabulous on high-end homes, which generally have a more complicated roof design. 

Rumors About Metal Roofs

Just to set the record straight, a metal roof:

  • Will not attract lightning, in fact, if your home is hit by lightning, the metal roof is fire-resistant. 
  • Does not make your house colder in the winter. 

A metal roof is durable, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant. Whether it’s a new roof, a replacement roof, or a roof repair, Urban Exteriors has the professional personnel to do the job. With a combined 25 years of experience, they have what it takes to do the job. Urban Exteriors is a family-owned business who is invested in the community. When you need exterior work done, give them a call. 

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